North American Hand Papermaking 1976 / Richard Minsky

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Identifier: FA.OSX1-2.0010
Object type: Boxed sets
Dimensions: Each volume, [closed]: 19 x 25 x 7 in.; ,Total length [open and unfolded]:1224 in.
Creation dates: 1976
Was created at: New York City
Two volume set of accordion-fold portfolios, bound by Richard Minsky, that contains the work of 32 important artists and hand papermakers, who in 1976 were working with pulp in traditional and innovative forms. ,Each portfolio opens to 51 feet in length or can be turned page-by-page to view each spread individually. Artists are represented by an original work on the left page, and by a photograph and artist's statement (often on their own paper) on the right. The pages containing the original art have box-frame edges to protect the three dimensional works.

Each volume is stored in a custom built, painted wooden shipping crate with casters.

,This collection was organized by Richard Minsky, and was first exhibited at
the Center for Book Arts in New York City from March 15 through April 30,
1976. It is a unique record of the progenitors of contemporary hand
papermaking as a craft, as a sculptural medium, as an imaging system with
colored pulp, and as a carrier for inclusions.

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