Printing presses; history and development from the fifteenth century to modern times / by James Moran

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Identifier: REF.PM.0347
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 263 p. illus. 29 cm
Creation dates: 1973
Created by: James Moran
Originates from: Berkeley
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Printing presses [sh85106826]
Discusses the historical and technological progression of the printing press from the fifteenth century through the modern age. With sections on The Stanhope press, The Columbian press, The Albion press, The jobbing platen, Reel-fed flatbeds, and Sheet-fed rotaries. With black-and-white illustrations and photographs. Also includes appendices (p. [225]-252), a bibliography (p. [253]-254), and indexes (255-263).
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