The Elements of Pop-Up: A Pop-Up Book for Aspiring Paper Engineers / by David A. Carter and James Diaz

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Identifier: REF.PM.0143
Object type: Books
Dimensions: [18] p. : col. ill. ; 32 cm.
Creation dates: 1999
Designed by: Leisa Bentley
Illustrated by: Leisa Bentley
Photographs by: Keith Sutter
Published by: Simon & Schuster
Was created at: New York City
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Pop-up book []
How-to title covering the basics of pop-up book creation. Includes a glossary of relevant terms. The title covers parallel folds (parallel cube, tube post armature, uneven tent, boat, tent with a tipped-in extension, coil, etc.); angle folds (including unequal angle fold, angle fold box with crossing planes, opposing angles with a tent); wheels (e.g. wheel with a moire pattern, double wheel, and wheel with a cam and reciprocating arm); and pull tabs (such as pull-tab with a spinner, pull-tab with a changing picture, and pull-tab with parallel movements). Each technique includes a tactile example of the fold as well as an explanatory paragraph. Also included is a brief step-by-step instructional on how a pop-up is made.

"With this book you will be able to touch, see, and study each of the elements of pop-ups as they are designed to work. You will be able to see exactly how each score folds and how each glue point is to be glued. You will be able to work and view each mechanic." -front matter

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