Works by Timothy C. Ely & Hedi Kyle: Book Arts Gallery, Center for Book Arts, September 11-October 17, 1986 / Center for Book Arts

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Identifier: REF.GEC1.0104
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 1 folded sheet : ill ; 24 cm.
Creation dates: circa 1986
Was created at: New York City
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Ely, Timothy [], Kyle, Hedi [], Exhibition catalogs [sh97004371], Artists' books [sh85008302], Center for Book Arts (New York, N.Y.) []
Catalog for the "Works by Timothy C. Ely & Hedi Kyle" exhibition held at the Book Arts Gallery of the Center for Book Arts from September 11-October 17, 1986. Includes list of works, as well as 3 selected black and white representations for each artist.

"Timothy Ely began using the book form for his finished works while in Graduate school at the University of Washington. He had previously used mass-produced blank books as sketchbooks, but found their paper quality unsatisfactory. Selecting better papers, he began making his own books. His skills at bookmaking progressed along with his drawings. Today, he merges these arts to create unified bookworks that are aesthetically exciting and technically precise in a traditional sense...Heidi Kyle celebrates the structure of the book. While her novel use of historical models has given her works a didactic as well as aesthetic purpose, it has not subordinated imagery to technique. The high craftsmanship is fused with a rich array of collage, mixed media and texturally distinctive papers." - front matter

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