Let's Make a Book / Harriet H. Shoen

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Identifier: REF.BM.1181
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 54 p. : illus. ; 18 cm.
Copyright dates: 1934
Published by: The Macmillan Company
Was created at: New York City
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Bookbinding [sh85015705]
From inside cover: “All the way from sewing together mother’s letter paper to folding, pasting and binding a real book, -- boys and girls are introduced in this small book to the fun of bookmaking. First, there are easy books, -- scrapbooks, photograph albums, babies’ picture books, -- and lots of other ideas for rainy days at home. Then as you read on, you find clear directions for making a real book, -- and hear about signatures, lay cords, and kettle stitches. Finally, there are suggestions for rebinding old favorite books that have been read so much that the covers are worn out.”
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