[Agrippa (A Book of the Dead) ] / Dennis Ashbaugh; Kevin Begos; William Gibson; Karl Foulkes; Peter Pettingill

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Identifier: FA.OSS3.0923
Object type: Books
Dimensions: [100] p.: ill.; 40.5 x 28.5 cm
Creation dates: 1993
Also created by: BRASH
Bound by: Karl Foulkes
Etchings by: Peter Pettingill
CBA copy 3. Number 35 in an Edition of 95 [each copy is unique]; deluxe edition signed and numbered by the artist. Case bound; off-white linen cloth. Leaves consist of seven, full page plates of etchings and double-side, letterpress printed text; permutations of the letter string C-A-T-G, the symbols for the four bases, cytosine, adenine, thymine, and guanine, that make up the genetic code. Printed in double columns. [Imprint information taken from Internet editions of the poem, e.g. the TOTSE website]. Final 20 leaves glued together, with cut-out recess enclosing a 3-1/2 in. floppy disk containing the poem, which may be displayed on a computer screen only once, and then is irretrievably encrypted. Once the program on the disk has begun displaying the poem, it cannot be stopped, copied, or printed [computer disc is missing from this copy]. CBA copy is also missing the dark brown, translucent case that this book was originally issued in.,"The deluxe edition of AGRIPPA was set in Monotype Gill Sans at Golgonooza Letter Foundry, and printed on Rives heavyweight text by the Sun Hill Press and by Kevin Begos Jr. The etchings were made by the artist and editioned by Peter Pettingill on Fabriano Tiepolo paper. The book was handsewn and bound in linen by Karl Foulkes. The housing was designed by the artist, and the encryption code used to destroy the story was created by (BRASH)."--CBA Exhibition Archive text.
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